How it all began...

There are moments in life when you discover something and everything changes. For as long as we could remember, fashion was a source of fun and creativity. After watching The True Cost documentary, that was deeply challenged. We heard the terms 'fast fashion’ and ‘ethical fashion’ for the first time.  It was devastating to learn that the industry was neglecting and exploiting both the environment and the people making our clothes.  Right then and there, fashion became something greater, something more important, more connected. We immediately felt inspired to make different choices.  We were already conscious about our food, health and beauty products, and adopting eco-conscious lifestyle habits - fashion became the next step.  We knew it wouldn't be easy and we didn't know what to expect, but we were determined.

We searched high and low for brands we wanted to support, whose values were aligned with ours.  We were thrilled to find a bunch that matched our style, around the world and even in our own backyard.

Which brought us to our 'wouldn't it be great if' moment – to bring these amazing brands together and curate our own boutique with responsible, thoughtful, sustainable, ethical fashion, with style.  We come from careers in health care and child care and found that directing that care further out into the world was simply a part of our personal evolution.

Ethical fashion is a wildly complex topic, often overwhelming, frightening and frustrating.  What keeps us motivated is the super inspiring local and global community of fantastic, real, good-hearted, kind, smart, passionate people, designers, brands and organizations who are taking steps and making strides toward a better future.  It starts with one step - this is ours.

We are on a mission to inspire the conscious fashionistas and the conscious fashionistas-to-be, with stylish ethical fashion to feel really good about, inside and out.

This is Ethikal. Welcome to the family.


With love from the sisters & titas,

Shanna + Yvette