Just One


The founder of Just One has personal relationships with all the artisans.  Krista communicates with them regularly, visits them each year and tells such heart warming stories - meet Damaris... 

"Damaris is always so inspiring. This woman is so smart, articulate and wise. Her role in the group is “Assistant Chair Lady” - she told us “sometimes they call me assistant chairMAN - but I like to be the chairLADY.” Every year when I visit, Damaris has taken some course, or undertaken a new endeavour to better herself. One year she was caring for chickens and rabbits. Another year, she had taken courses in construction - painting, masonry and more - and had purchased a home where she could rent out rooms and be a landlady.  She always works hard, continues to learn and is so wise with her budgeting and finances. She is married and has 5 children and 1 grandchild she supports. We asked her what her hope and dream was for her family - her response was profound…. “if uplift family, then uplift community; if uplift community then uplift Kenya; if uplift Kenya then uplift the whole world.”

Just One is a Canadian organization with a lot of heart, that follows fair trade practices, providing employment to skilled artisans living in extreme poverty who can then sustain themselves and their communities.

Krista is a Canadian who, in 2012, won a national photography contest to go to Uganda and photograph the work of Watoto, a church based organization that cares for orphans and widows in Uganda.  While in Uganda, Krista was transformed by the first-hand stories of former child soldiers from Kony’s army, AIDS victims, countless orphans and people struggling to meet their basic needs.  Through all the suffering, she also saw hope.  Subsequent trips to El Salvador and Haiti reinforced her desire to find a way to share these stories and transform lives.