Where it begins.

We stand for progress over perfection.
We stand for transparency.
We stand for responsible production that cares for humanity.
We stand for amazing customer-inspired service.
We stand for educating, engaging & empowering our communities.
We stand for a better world.



They have been thoughtfully selected based on an overall foundation of progress over perfection, sustainability, preservation, empowerment and no harm.  We are shining a bright light to acknowledge what they are doing in their ethical fashion crusade.

At Ethikal, we consider elements such as design, sourcing and manufacturing which maximises benefits to people and communities while minimising impact on the environment, including sustainable fabrics and production, animal welfare, fair trade, exploitive labour, safe working conditions, and use of hazardous chemicals.

Brands must prioritize at least one of the following in their operations and core values (most often they fulfill on several, if not all):




      THE 'K'

      ...was inspired from a historical group named the Katipunan - revolutionaries in our ancestry, the Philippines, who initiated the country's decolonization. The 'k' is a salute to all the revolutionaries and represents our move to join the modern day fashion revolution.